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Broaden your search using the Multiple Character wildcard


In Tax and Accounting Online the Easy Search form has the Boolean operators built in. For example you are not required to enter "AND"; "OR"; quotation marks; or proximity operators.

For example if you enter in the terms Cash Flow Statement in the exact phrase field, you do not need to enclose the terms within double quotation marks (" ").

The Multiple Character Wildcard (* Asterisk) can be used in any field within the Easy Search form. This will allow you to truncate a word, for example:

Deduct*, will find deducts; deducted; deductibility; deductions etc.

This can also be used in the exact phrase field. For example:

Cash Flow Statement* will find the plural of the term statement as well as the singular.

Another example would be Employee* Share Scheme*, this will find Employees Share Scheme or Employee Share Schemes.

Using the Multiple Character Wildcard will allow you to broaden your search without the need to run your search a number of times to find the variations with your search terms.

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