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Infinitylaw Quick Guide

Last Published: October 17, 2017

Lets start with the basics - what do you see when you open Infinitylaw?

To log in, select the Infinitylaw icon on your desktop 

When Infinitylaw opens what you see on your Homepage will depend on your firms settings.  The icons you see on the ribbon are determined by your Practice Manager or System Administrator depending on the role you have at the firm.


Infinitylaw Homepage

Home tab

The home page is web enabled and has a google search box.  Type in the web address you wish to go to and press Enter or click on the Orange arrow.
Clicking on the House icon beside the search box will return you to the Home Page Welcome screen.

Homepage Search Box


This area is updated by your System Administrator and can be used to inform you of things that are happening at your Firm.  

Don’t forget to keep an eye on this for changes.


This area is updated by your System Administrator, but also all users are able to add articles here as well and can be used to inform you of things that are happening at your Firm.  Use the drop-down arrow to see what News Items are available, select an Item and click Open.

Firm Links

This area is updated by your System Administrator and is used to setup links to regularly used Websites, Files and / or Folders eg. a folder on your Firms network everyone uses to access User Documentation. 

Personal Links

Additionally each user is able to setup links to their own regularly used Websites, Files and / or Folders.

For those that enter time for themselves, or on behalf of others there are quick links to todays timesheets.

Logging out

When you are finished using Infinitylaw select File > Exit, or click on the X at the top right corner.  You will be asked to confirm you wish to close the program.

Note: Each Firm has a set number of licences available to them. If you do not Exit out of Infinitylaw, then your licence will not be released and someone else may not be able to open a session.

Using the system

Training is available in each of the modules, please speak with your Practice Manager who can log a ticket for this, and one of our Training Staff will then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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