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new Westlaw (Australia) Tip - Create an Alert 24 alert

Last Published: February 23, 2021

Alert 24 alerts send you emails on a practice area’s latest legal developments within Westlaw (Australia).

  1. To set up an Alert 24 alert, navigate to the Alerts page by clicking Notifications in the top menu
  2. Click Alerts in the pop-up box
  1. On the alerts page, click Create Alert
  2. Choose Publication Alert from the drop-down menu
  1. Name your alert and click Continue
  1. In the Content section, select ‘News and Current Awareness’ and choose your preferred Alert 24, e.g., Alert 24 – Corporations, by clicking the + symbol. Then click Continue
  2. Your chosen alert will appear on the right-hand side
    You can only choose one Alert 24 at a time
  1. Choose how you want to receive your alerts – email, HTML, XML, RSS, Portal (SharePoint, PlumTree 5, or WorkSite)
  2. Add or change email addresses
  3. Choose the format style and click Continue
  1. Schedule your alert by choosing the frequency, date and time zone, and end date (if required), then click Save Alert
  1. You will then be taken to the Alert Centre where you can pause, edit, or delete your alert

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