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ProView - Desktop users (Windows/ Mac) - action required

We encourage ProView users to update to the latest version/s of ProView for Windows and/or ProView for Macs. This is Release 1.7.0, available at

Installing Release 1.7.0 is straightforward – simply download and run the file. You do not need to uninstall the version you currently have. For reference, installation instructions are located together with the file.

We are asking you to make this upgrade so that in future you will have the benefit of alerts when new versions of ProView release. Alerts about automatic updating were temporarily suspended while we made changes to support customers who install ProView on an enterprise basis.

We intend to turn on the update alerts for Release 1.8 in late August. We expect customers will be particularly enthusiastic about having that release as quickly as possible because it includes improvements to support printing and to manage annotations.

If you have any queries, please call our customer support team on 1800 020 548.

By Anita Sibrits

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