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Australian Journal of Administrative Law: Thematic "Human Rights" Issue

The March 2011 issue of the Australian Journal of Administrative Law (AJ Admin L) (Vol 18 Pt 2) is a thematic issue on human rights.

With Australia now the only "common law liberal democracy" without a Bill of Rights (see S Churches, "Introduction to special issue on human rights" (2011) 18 AJ Admin L 63), this special issue contains a detailed article on Australia’s opposition to the concept of a Bill of Rights, which, it is argued, has been based on debate that has largely “missed the point” (see R Sackville AO QC, "Bills of rights: Chapter III of the Constitution and State charters" (2011) 18 AJ Admin L 67).

Looking at New Zealand, where there is a Bill of Rights, Joseph and Joseph shed light on how international human rights are bringing about a transformation of “rights-adjudication” in domestic courts (see PA Joseph and T Joseph, "Human rights in the New Zealand courts" (2011) 18 AJ Admin L 80).

Finally, there is an article on how the offshore processing of asylum seekers has fared in light of claims of administrative unfairness and arbitrary use of power (see M Crock and D Ghezelbash, "Due process and rule of law as human rights: The High Court and the 'offshore' processing of asylum seekers" (2011) 18 AJ Admin L 101).

The table of contents for this issue containing full abstracts for each of these articles can be accessed here: AJ Admin L Table of Contents Vol 18 Pt 2.


By Tara Crisp