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Database spotlight – Building & Construction Contracts in Australia

The purpose of this service is to assist parties to building contracts, their consultants and advisors, to understand the complexities of these contracts. The authors provide detailed analysis of the principles and authorities and of the provisions of the standard forms as well as discussing comparable clauses. Attention is drawn to the many problems and some traps which, because of the drafting of clauses, can and do become financially considerable for parties to construction contracts. 

Significant Cases is a selection of groundbreaking judgments specifically selected by the two authors. The added value is the incorporation of an "author note" which concisely highlights the commercial significance, implication and ramification of the findings in the judgment. Cross-references to the related commentary have been included at the end of the author note.

Legislation has cross reference annotations, noting the location and main point of discussion within the insightful commentary.

Recommended reading , the extensive cover of legislation with  editor's notes, cross-references  to cases and articles published in the Building & Construction Law  journal, plus  State based court practice notes makes this an essential reference.

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By Isabel Begg