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Federal Court Reports: New cases selected for reporting

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Editor Victor Kline has selected the following cases for reporting in the Federal Court Reports – the essential, authorised reports of the Federal Court of Australia. These cases will be published in upcoming parts. Each reported case will include a detailed headnote highlighting the key issues and decision in the case. New cases marked with an asterisk.

June 2023

B&F Investments Pty Ltd v FCT [2023] FCAFC 89  (Moshinsky, Colvin and Hespe JJ; 9/06/2023)

Jabari v MICMSMA [2023] FCAFC 98 (Katzmann, Jackson and McEvoy JJ; 26/06/2023)

Re Cubic Interiors NSW Pty Ltd (in liq) [2023] FCA 694 (Cheeseman J; 26/06/2023)

MICMSMA v Antoon [2023] FCA 717 (Wigney J; 30/06/2023)

July 2023

SLGS v MICMSMA [2023] FCAFC 104 (Rares, Jackson and Snaden JJ; 7/07/2023)

Fisher v Commonwealth [2023] FCAFC 106 (Mortimer CJ, Katzmann, Charlesworth, Abraham and Kennett JJ; 12/07/2023)

BNGP v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 111 (Perry, Bromwich and Kennett JJ; 14/07/2023)

Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC v Minister for Resources [2023] FCA 809 (Charlesworth J; 18/07/2023)

Kim v Wang [2023] FCAFC 115 (Moshinsky, Lee and Jackman JJ; 25/07/2023)

Manebona v MICMSMA [2023] FCAFC 116 (Logan, Rangiah and Goodman JJ; 26/07/2023)

AgriWealth Capital Ltd v Australian Financial Complaints Authority Ltd [2023] FCAFC 118            (Perry, Downes and Kennett JJ; 28/07/2023)

Victorian Building Authority v Cau [2023] FCAFC 120 (Katzmann, Jackson and Feutrill JJ; 31/07/2023)

August 2023

CEU22 v MHA (No 2) [2023] FCA 867 (Snaden J; 2/08/2023)

BZX23 v MICMA [2023] FCA 908 (Rares J; 3/08/2023)

Lewer v MHA [2023] FCAFC 121 (Nicholas, O'Callaghan and McElwaine JJ; 4/08/2023)

Singh v MICMSMA [2023] FCAFC 123 (Charlesworth, O'Sullivan and Raper JJ; 7/08/2023)

Automotive Invest Pty Ltd v FCT [2023] FCAFC 129 (Logan, Wheelahan and Hespe JJ; 11/08/2023)

Wardman v Macquarie Bank Ltd (No 2) [2023] FCAFC 125 (Bromberg, Wheelahan and Snaden JJ; 11/08/2023)

Stuart v South Australia [2023] FCAFC 131 (Rangiah, Charlesworth and O’Bryan JJ; 14/08/2023)

MICMA v Sidhu [2023] FCAFC 133 (Logan, Burley and McEvoy JJ; 15/08/2023)

EUF20 v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 130 (Abraham, O'Sullivan and Raper JJ; 15/08/2023)

ASIC v Commonwealth Bank of Australia [2023] FCAFC 135 (Moshinsky, O'Bryan and Jackman JJ; 17/08/2023)

Fulton v Chief of Defence Force [2023] FCAFC 134 (Logan, Sarah C Derrington and Stewart JJ; 18/08/2023)

Friends of the Gelorup Corridor Inc v Minister for the Environment and Water [2023] FCAFC 139 (Jackson, Feutrill and Kennett JJ; 22/08/2023)

Harvard Nominees Pty Ltd v Dimension Agriculture Pty Ltd (in liq) [2023] FCAFC 140 (Colvin, Stewart and Feutrill JJ; 22/08/2023)

Roufeil v Tarrant Enterprises Pty Ltd [2023] FCAFC 142 (Derrington, Abraham and Jackman JJ; 23/08/2023)

Garland v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 144 (Stewart, Feutrill and Hespe JJ; 25/08/2023)

September 2023

Mandalinic v Stone [2023] FCAFC 146 (Stewart, McElwaine and Button JJ; 4/09/2023)

Queensland Nickel Sales Pty Ltd v Park [2023] FCAFC 150 (Markovic, Banks-Smith and Halley JJ; 6/09/2023)

Jama v MICMA  [2023] FCAFC 148 (Markovic, Sarah C Derrington and Feutrill JJ; 7/09/2023)

Poralu Marine Australia Pty Ltd v MV Dijksgracht [2023] FCAFC 147 (Rares, Sarah C Derrington and Feutrill JJ; 8/09/2023)

O'Connor v CFMMEU [2023] FCAFC 151  (Rangiah, Wheelahan and Raper JJ; 8/09/2023)

FEL17 v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 153 (Snaden, Abraham and Halley JJ; 12/09/2023)

Kamal v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 159 (Rares, Bromwich and Raper JJ; 28/09/2023)

October 2023

CFMMEU v Fair Work Ombudsman (The 250 East Terrace Case) [2023] FCAFC 161 (Charlesworth, Snaden and Raper JJ; 9/10/2023)*

Babet v Electoral Commissioner [2023] FCAFC 164 (Besanko, Wheelahan and Stewart JJ; 9/10/2023)*

CFMMEU v Quirk [2023] FCAFC 163 (Rares ACJ, Katzmann and Colvin JJ; 11/10/2023)*

Elliott-Carde v McDonald's Australia Ltd [2023] FCAFC 162 (Beach, Lee and Colvin JJ; 12/10/2023)*

JZQQ v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 168 (Katzmann, Sarah C Derrington and Kennett JJ; 19/10/2023)*

Price v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 171 (Katzmann, O'Bryan and McElwaine JJ; 20/10/2023)*

Murtagh v Corporation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba [2023] FCAFC 172 (Collier, Logan and Meagher JJ; 30/10/2023)*

November 2023

Ibrahim v MICMSMA [2023] FCAFC 173 (Logan, Rangiah and Markovic JJ; 1/11/2023)*

Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd v Flujo Sanguineo Holdings Pty Ltd [2023] FCAFC 175 (Nicholas, Burley and Cheeseman JJ; 2/11/2023)*

DZW17 v MICMA [2023] FCAFC 177 (Perry, Abraham and Goodman JJ; 10/11/2023)*

Jusand Nominees Pty Ltd v Rattlejack Innovations Pty Ltd [2023] FCAFC 178 (Perram, Nicholas and McElwaine JJ; 13/11/2023)*

Editor Victor Kline
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