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Robson’s Annotated Corporations Legislation – Jordan Smith joins author team

Author updates

Jordan holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Chicago and combined Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Science (Advanced) degrees from the University of Sydney, with Honours in nuclear physics. Prior to being called to the Bar in 2022, Jordan was a lawyer at Arnold Bloch Leibler and an Associate to the Honourable Justice Robertson at the Federal Court of Australia.


Jordan SmithHis first contribution to Robson’s Annotated Corporations Legislation is to revise annotations to Part 2D.1 (Duties and Powers) of Chapter 2D (Officers and Employees) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). This Part is a core set of provisions since it delineates the responsibilities of those responsible for the stewardship of corporate organisations and the usage of shareholder funds.

In addition to revising and updating annotations throughout Part 2D.1 of Chapter 2D, Jordan Smith has written new annotations on: 

  • Chapter 2D – general annotations on Officers and employees
  • s 180 Care and diligence—civil obligation only
  • s 183 Use of information—civil obligations 
  • s 191 Material personal interest—director's duty to disclose
  • s 197 Directors liable for debts and other obligations incurred by corporation as trustee
  • s 198G Exercise of powers while company under external administration.

This significant set of revisions has been published in the August 2023 update of Robson’s Annotated Corporations Legislation, along with Anthony Kaufmann’s revisions to Part 5.4B (Winding up in insolvency or by the Court) and Grant Holley’s revisions to Part 7.6 (Licensing of providers of financial services).

Mr Smith will also be revising annotations to Chapter 2F (Members’ rights and remedies) next and Chapter 2E (Related party transactions) in due course.

Mr Smith takes over the responsibility for revising these annotations from Mr Nicholas Bender SC of Banco Chambers in Sydney. Mr Bender has been a contributing author to Robson’s Annotated Corporations Legislation since 2011. His extensive commentary will be retained in the annotations for many years to come. We wish him well on his future endeavours and welcome Mr Smith to the Thomson Reuters team.

In Robson's Annotated Corporations Legislation, detailed annotations accompany the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Commentary from expert specialist lawyers working with, and analysing, the law considers how provisions and wording have been interpreted by the courts under the current Act and its forerunners, in a range of contexts. This depth and range is essential in practice for Australia’s corporations legislation is particularly complex in its wording and in its interpretation. 

Available formats: online, looseleaf, ProView eSub

The Corporations Law Practice Area on Westlaw includes various services including curated commentary and annotated legislation. Authors are recognised experts in their respective fields. To subscribe to the Corporations Law Practice Area on Westlaw, contact Thomson Reuters.

By Nick Jewlachow
Senior Content Manager, Analytical Law

Nick has over 20 years’ worth of experience in publishing, commissioning and editing experts’ contributions on corporate and tax law in Australia.

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