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Two new titles added to Books on Westlaw Australia

Content updates

Exciting additions have been made to the General Books collection on Westlaw Australia, bringing practitioners two essential publications for in-depth legal insights.

Annotated Queensland Human Rights Act: Explore the intricacies of the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) through practitioner-focused guidance. Authors Kylie Evans and Dr. Nicholas Petrie provide a nuanced analysis, highlighting the unique features of Queensland's legislation in comparison to the ACT and Victoria. With a comprehensive coverage of twenty-three fundamental human rights, this resource is an indispensable guide for legal professionals and individuals navigating human rights challenges.

Owner-Driver Law in Australia: For those struggling to find relevant information in the transport and logistics sector, Owner-Driver Law in Australia offers overdue and desperately needed guidance. This essential pioneering work addresses the poorly understood legal regime surrounding owner-driver engagements. Authored by experts, the publication covers contract law, statutory requirements, competition law, discrimination, victimization laws, and more, making it an essential resource for lawyers, HR professionals, employers, and business owners.

The addition of these publications to Westlaw Australia strengthens its commitment to providing practitioners with up-to-date and comprehensive legal resources.

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