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Commonwealth Statute Annotations: November 2021 Update

Content updates

New legislation information, case annotations and article references have been added to Commonwealth Statutes Annotations.

The latest update has added over 90 new case annotations, numerous article references and details of proclamations of commencement registered on the Federal Register of Legislation up to 11 October 2021. This update includes case annotations relating to Acts generally and also section-by-section case annotations (Commonwealth Statutes Annotations).

Key Acts:

Acts Interpretation Act 1901
Biosecurity Act 2015
Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1959
Crimes Act 1914
Evidence Act 1995
Fair Work Act 2009
Family Law Act 1975
Federal Circuit Court of Australia Act 1999
Native Title Act 1993
Migration Act 1958


By Sonia Tulse
Legal Editor

Sonia Tulse is a Legal Editor in the Cases Team at Thomson Reuters. Sonia has been working at Thomson Reuters since 2016 as part of the team providing content for FirstPoint and new Westlaw. Sonia also edits Commonwealth Statutes Annotations.

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