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Keeping up to date using alerts in Westlaw Australia

This course explains the different types of alerts available in Westlaw Australia and shows how to stay up to date with the latest case law, changes to legislation, government announcements, news, law reports and journals.  More course dates

Mark Norman
Date & Time
Wed 6 Dec 2023, 12:00pm
Wed 6 Dec 2023, 12:30pm
30 minutes

This webinar will show how to use the following alerts.

  • Alert24 email alert – Alert24 is a practice area, current awareness service which is new to most practice area collections. Learn how to set up Alert24 alerts for new cases, government announcements, news and changes to legislation.
  • Publication alert – create an email alert when new issues of journals, law reports are released on Westlaw.
  • WestClip alert – convert a search into an email alert to receive updates automatically.
  • KeyCite alert – receive updates on a specific case, when new cases or secondary materials cite it or it's status changes.•    KeyCite alert – receive updates on a specific case when new cases or secondary materials cite the case or its status changes.