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18 January 2024 12:53PM
Author updates

Updates to The Laws of Australia

The following Subtitles are now updated and available on Westlaw: Contract: General Principles 7.2 “Vitiating Factors”; Contracts: Specific 8.9 “Electronic Contracts”; Dispute Resolution 13.2 “Mediation and Conciliation”; Environment and Natural Resources 14.9 “Water”; Human Rights 21...

15 December 2023 11:48AM
Content updates

Digital ID Bills introduced to federal Parliament

The Digital ID Bills propose a whole-of-economy Digital ID framework with built-in consumer and privacy safeguards to strengthen trust in Australia's digital economy.

14 December 2023 04:52PM
Content updates

Latest updates to the Queensland Sentencing Manual

In the upcoming online release of the Queensland Sentencing Manual, John Robertson, former Chair of the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council and former District Court Judge, discusses key cases R v Schulz [2023] QCA 150; R v Staines (2022) 11 QR 872; [2022] QCA 187; R v Abdullah...

14 December 2023 02:04PM
Content updates

Latest updates to Patent Law in Australia

The latest Patent Law in Australia online service release covers discussions of the following cases: UbiPark Pty Ltd v TMA Capital Australia Pty Ltd (No 2) [2023] FCA 885; MMD Design and Consultancy Limited v Camco Engineering Pty Ltd [2023] FCA 827; Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health...

07 December 2023 05:30PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: Vol 34 Pt 2

07 December 2023 03:37PM
Content updates

Commonwealth Statutes Annotations: Main work 2023

New legislation information, case annotations and article references have been added to Commonwealth Statutes Annotations, including a note on Zurich Insurance Co Ltd v Koper (2023) 97 ALJR 614; [2023] HCA 25 under section 51 of the Constitution.

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