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New Westlaw (Australia) Tip - Benefits of searching the Key Number System

Last Published: February 26, 2020

Searching the Key Number System enables you to find cases on specific points of law which may be classified under multiple legal topics.

  1. Access Key Numbers from the Westlaw homepage.

  1. Enter your search term into the Title Search box to search across the Key Number Topics, e.g., Equity, and click Search.

  1. The search term Equity appears in multiple Key Number Topics, e.g. Equity, Industrial Law, Procedure, Real Property and Torts.
    Tick the Key Number topic or subtopic checkbox relevant to your research, e.g., Procedure > Concurrent administration of law and equity

  1. Click View Cases

  1. In this example there are 15 cases classified to 67 Procedure > 1011-1012 Concurrent administration of law and equity

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