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Practical Law Tip - Did you know you can access primary law on Practical Law?

Last Published: September 25, 2020

Did you know you can access all relevant case law and legislation on Practical Law without needing a Westlaw subscription?  

(N.B. Practical Law is currently in the process of redirecting all primary law links to be hosted on its platform instead of redirecting you to WestlawAU. Whilst the majority of primary links have been completed, some will still redirect you to WestlawAU) 

  1. When inside viewing a resource, links to primary law  such as case law are displayed in with a hyperlink and can be accessed through clicking. 
  1. Clicking on the case law hyperlink displays the case within Practical law. You can access the authorised or reported version by selecting the original image if you have a subscription to that law report. If you have access to Westlaw, you can click View Westlaw Version which contains keycite.
  1. The Westlaw entry will contain additional features that include key numbers and digest summaries as well as access to any other cases mentioned within that case 
  1. Similarly, if there is reference to legislation on Practical Law it can be accessed  directly by clicking its hyperlink. 
  1. The legislation will be displayed in its current consolidated status with Currency Status displaying at the bottom showing all amendments incorporated  

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