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05 February 2021 03:17PM

NSW Precedents

NSW Precedents now have a shortcut to Currency and help information available under Tools and Resources.

05 February 2021 02:44PM

New Secondary Sources Library Page

The Secondary Sources Library Page is now available on new Westlaw Australia. This landing page is dynamic and allows you to locate specific secondary sources in a number of ways.

29 January 2021 03:49PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 95 Pt 1; Company and Securities Law Journal update: Vol 38 Pt 2; Journal of Law and Medicine update: Vol 28 Pt 1; Public Law Review update: Vol 31 Pt 4

20 January 2021 01:18PM
Content updates

Chinese Companies ASX Listing Troubles: An Explanation

Chinese companies are experiencing difficulties in securing Australian Securities Exchange listing. Why this is happening, is considered in the latest issue of the Company and Securities Law Journal.

08 January 2021 12:11PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Business Law Review update: Vol 48 Pt 5; Australian Tax Review update: Vol 49 Pt 3

05 January 2021 03:00PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Criminal Law Journal update: Vol 44 Pt 5; Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice update: Vol 31 Pt 3; Journal of Judicial Administration update: Vol 30 Pt 2

29 December 2020 03:34PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 94 Pt 12; Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: Vol 31 Pt 2; Australian Journal of Administrative Law update: Vol 27 Pt 4; Australian Journal of...

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