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19 August 2021 02:10PM
Content updates

Practical Law: Now it's easier to make contracts green

How green are your contracts? The creative legal thinking of The Chancery Lane Project and Practical Law's new toolkit identifies climate clauses that you can incorporate into your legal documents.

19 August 2021 06:28AM
Content updates

Webinar (26 August 2021): Cross-border dispute resolution in Asia Pacific

Joint speakers Anna Kirk (Bankside Chambers Limited, Auckland), Edward Taylor (Shearman & Sterling LLP, Hong Kong) and Abigail Milburn, Shan-Ree Tan and Bryan Jung (Practical Law) for what will be a great discussion about Asia Pacific cross-border disputes.

13 August 2021 08:40PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 95 Pt 7; Journal of Law and Medicine update: Vol 28 Pt 3; Workplace Review update: Winter 2021

12 August 2021 06:14AM
Content updates

Practical Law: Statutory demand thresholds have changed

Did you know that the monetary threshold for issuing a statutory demand increased on 1 July 2021? Practical Law can help you keep up to date with changes to the law relating to statutory demands.

10 August 2021 09:45AM

Practical Law's new Document Alert function

Would you like to be notified whenever Practical Law updates a resource that is key to your practice? Practical Law's new Document Alert function is what you have been looking for.

09 August 2021 11:52AM

Browse to and access Law Reports by Volume

Previously Law Report landing pages displayed the 10 most recent cases with the ability to run a search across the entire series. These pages were enhanced in July to show all cases and have now been further enhanced to allow you to view only cases from a specific volume or volumes.

06 August 2021 05:26PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: Vol 31 Pt 4; Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law update: Vol 29 Pt 2; Australian Tax Review update: Vol 50 Pt 1; Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice update: Vol 9 Pt 4

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