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29 April 2022 04:56PM
Content updates

High Court Highlights

In its first three sitting months of 2022 the High Court handed down 15 major decisions. Our team of ALJR reporters once again gives an overview.

26 April 2022 12:57PM
Content updates

Key changes to the UCPR 1999 (Qld) have now commenced

Practical Law Dispute Resolution has published a legal update summarising key changes to the UCPR 1999 (Qld) that practitioners should be aware of in relation to a new preliminary disclosure procedure, access to exhibits and expert evidence.

26 April 2022 09:37AM
Content updates

Taking action against intrusive CCTVs in easement disputes

There are many disputes that neighbours have over easements. But, when it comes to protecting our rights to privacy in relation to that land, the law has been wanting, says barrister Sydney Jacobs.

22 April 2022 10:00AM
Content updates

New and updated supply chain resources

Find out about supply chains and the key legal and commercial considerations when managing a supply chain during a crisis in Practical Law's new and updated resources.

12 April 2022 12:26PM
Content updates

Updates to The Laws of Australia

The following Subtitles are now updated and available on Westlaw AU: Criminal Offences 10.4 “Offences of Dishonesty”; Environment and Natural Resources 14.4 “Development Control”; Equity 15.1 “History and Nature of Equity”; Health and Guardianship 20.4 “Health Care Authorities and...

29 March 2022 04:03PM
Content updates

Recent Journal Updates

Insolvency Law Journal update: Vol 29 Pt 4; Journal of Judicial Administration update: Vol 31 Pt 3; and Public Law Review update: Vol 32 Pt 4

22 March 2022 11:20AM
Content updates

Commonwealth Statutes Annotations: March 2022 update

New legislation information, case annotations and article references have been added to Commonwealth Statutes Annotations, including a note on Djokovic v Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs [2022] FCAFC 3, under sections 116 and 133C of...

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