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Connect 4 - Enhancements and changes 2019


The Connect 4 team continue to develop our databases and services and would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a few recent developments that have taken place.

These changes may assist you in narrowing your search to find exactly what you are looking for, or introduce a whole new avenue of discovery.

Improved onscreen results layout and functionality rolled out

Connect 4 has been improved the onscreen results layout and functionality across several databases. These are: New Issues, Expert Report, Takeovers & Mergers, Company Announcements and Boardroom.

Some of the layout and functionality improvements are:

  • Flexibility to sort/arrange results onscreen either one column (click on column heading) or multiple columns (use shift & click on the relevant column headings).
  • Alternately coloured rows to improve onscreen viewing – very useful to view data onscreen especially when adding on extra data columns via the 'Report Writer' function or viewing the remuneration data in Boardroom.
  • Layout and look of the full record box for New Issues, Expert Reports and Takeover & Mergers has been refreshed.
  • Company and person links in Boardroom now open into a new onscreen box (rather than a new webpage). This will speed up the maneuverability when viewing different links in the results

'New Servers' project undertaken and completed

In a project throughout 2019, Connect 4 successfully set up and moved to new servers.

Email alerts

Please note that email alerts generated by Connect 4 will now come from a new IP address ( which could be whitelisted by your mail system. The sender name will be: Company Announcements <>.

https upgrade

Connect 4 links have been upgraded to https. While previous http links will be redirected to the https addresses, it is recommended to modify any links to https.

More flexibility for product enhancements

The new servers allow more flexibility for enhancing databases with some enhancements released when the new servers became live.

  • 'Send as PDF' button added to databases. This allows summaries to sent as a PDF for saving or printing.

    Released for the 'company summaries' and 'people summaries' in the Boardroom module as well as the 'individual transaction' summaries in the transaction databases (New Issues, Expert Reports and Takeovers & Mergers).

  • Flexible screen content layout – the screen content layout will flex to suit the device being used to access Connect 4 providing an improved user experience.

Company Announcements improvements

  • 'Alerts' administration made easier with added functionality to make multiple deletions or administration changes within an alert at the same time. Go into the individual alert in the 'Alerts' section and see the drop-down menu located at the bottom.
  • 'Titles only' searching – provides the ability to search the 'title only' of the announcement. Use the tick box to activate this feature.

Note: title entries are uncontrolled and in the main, 'titled' by the lodging entity or their representatives. This is different to 'Announcement Types' which is underlying metadata assigned/controlled by the ASX or by Connect 4 for the 'C4 exclusive'.


New functionality to search for multiple surnames and specific given names, using a special search syntax. The format is: fullname; fullname; ...

Full names are separated by semicolons and a full name comprises: surname, given-name. Either the surname or given name may be blank but if you want to search only for a given name, you need the comma.

  • To search for people named Smith, Jones or Brown, enter "Smith; Jones; Brown".
  • To search for "Algernon Smith" and anyone having "Jerome" as a given name, enter: "Smith, Algernon; , Jerome".

Document databases (Annual Reports, Prospectuses, Bidder & Target Statements)

New functionality was added to allow cross searching using GICS and S&P/ASX Indices. For example, a combined search selecting the Energy 'GICS Industry Classification' and the ASX50 'current S&P/ASX Index'.

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