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Connect 4 - Enhancements and changes Jan – Jun 2018


The Connect 4 team continue to develop our databases and services and would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a few recent developments that have taken place.

These changes may assist you in narrowing your search to find exactly what you are looking for, or introduce a whole new avenue of discovery.

Boardroom – Auditor and Audit information

Additional audit information has been added to Boardroom going back to 2013.

Clients can now source:

  • Audit company name
  • Audit signoff partner(s) name(s)
  • Audit fees consolidated, Other services fees consolidated
  • Auditor fees parent (years 2004–2009); Other services fees parent (years 2004–2009)
  • IA/IC (internal audit function/internal control function)
  • Internal audit company name if known or IA (inhouse) or IA (co-sourced) or IA (outsourced) if stated in the annual report

New flagged fields: Audit report contains

  • Material uncertainty clause Y/N
  • Qualified audit clause Y/N

Clients can now source information regarding signoff partners:

  • For a particular company for a particular year
  • Across all years and see the various companies that they acted as audit signoff partner(s)

All results can be downloaded into .csv file.

Expert reports

New Help button: Overview; Definitions; FAQ’s/Searching tips.

Prospectus product

The new version of this product was released this half year with additional searching options.
This completes the major interface upgrade cycle for all three documents databases: Annual Reports; Prospectuses and Bidder & Target statements

'Multiple PDF' icon added to the document databases

Multiple PDF Icon

A new PDF icon has been added to the document databases (Annual Reports, Prospectuses, Bidder & Target Statements). The 'multiple PDF' icon indicates there are multiple PDFs available to view/download for that document.

Downloading multiple PDFs has now been enhanced (document databases)

Where an entry has multiple PDFs and using the download function, all PDFs will be downloaded for the selected entry. This occurs for both the 'Download selected files' or 'Download selected files as zip' options.

Note: When selecting multiple documents, users may receive a warning depending on the browser used and browser settings regarding automatic downloads involving multiple files. If selecting more than 10 companies / PDFs and the ‘Download selected files’ option, users will receive the following pop-up, as generated by the product:

Multiple PDF Download Warning





Due to restrictions by various internet browsers and operating systems potentially stopping the downloading of individual PDFs, it is best to use the ‘Download selected files as zip’ option.

Headshort of Wyn Diong
By Wyn Diong
Senior Content Manager

Wyn is an experienced Senior Content Manager in the Analytical Law Team at Thomson Reuters with a long history of working in the information services industry. She holds a Bachelor of Media and a Postgraduate Certificate in TESOL from Macquarie University. In her years with Thomson Reuters, she has worked on multifarious publications in both Primary Law and Secondary Sources and is at present, nurturing multiple subscription services including Uniform Evidence Law, Indictable Offences Queensland and Victorian Courts. She is the (co)author of numerous articles on Legal Insight covering a diverse range of topics. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, she worked for Pan Macmillan Australia at the Macquarie Dictionary and taught English as a Second Language and Academic English at Macquarie University.

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