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Firm Central tip - matter form custom fields

Custom fields give you the flexibility to create up to ten additional matter fields and up to ten additional contact/client fields tailored to your firm's needs.  This allows your users to include data and information unique to your firm when adding matters, contacts and clients.

Note: You must be signed in to Firm Central as an Administrator to create custom fields.

1.Click the drop-down arrow beside your name in the upper right corner of the home page. Then, click  Alternatively, if visible, you can click the Admin tab on the Firm Central banner.

FC image 1

2. Click Customisation in the left-hand pane of the Administration page.

FC image 1a

3. Click the Custom Fields tab in the right-hand pane.

4. To create a custom field to be used on new matter forms, click the Matter Form subtab in the right-hand pane. To create a custom field to be used on new contact and client forms, click the Contact/Client Form subtab in the right-hand pane.

FC image 2

5. Type a label for the custom field in the Label text box.

6. Select the type of field from the Field Type drop-down list. Three field formats are available. With the Text type field, users can enter any text, up to 250 characters.  The Date field allows the user to enter a date, for example, an incident date for a matter.  The List field lets the user choose from a preset list of options.  For example, a user could be asked to choose yes or no to indicate if a matter is an In House matter.

7. If you are creating a custom field to be used on contact/ client forms, select whether the field should be displayed on Contact Forms, Client Forms or both Contact & Client Forms, from the Display Field On drop-down list.

8. If you want to make it optional for the user to complete the field, select the provided check box.

9. Click Save

FC image 3

10. The custom field is created and is displayed under Active Fields. You can edit or deactivate your active custom fields by clicking the applicable links.  Once you deactivate a custom field, it is displayed under Inactive Fields.  To reactivate the field, click Activate, and the custom field will be displayed under Active Fields.

11. A maximum of 20 custom fields can be added to Matter Forms, 10 of which can be active at any given time (e.g., 10 active fields, 10 inactive; 6 active fields, 14 inactive). Likewise, a maximum of 20 custom fields can be added to Contact/Client forms, 10 of which can be active at any given time.

FC image 4

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