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How Cloud Based Software Can Help Law Firms

“The Cloud” may seem like the latest confusing buzzword, but simply put: cloud computing is computing based on the internet.

How the cloud can work for you

For solo and small law firms it can be hard to compete with bigger players in the market.  By utilising cloud technology, sole practitioners and small law firms accomplish more at less cost.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

Enhanced Mobility

Cloud programs can be accessed from any location with Internet access.  You don’t need to save important information on your local desktop or hard drive.  By storing documents, emails, notes and meetings or tasks in the cloud this information is instantly available wherever, and whenever, it is needed.


A virtual workspace is created when data is hosted through cloud software.  This allows for easier collaboration.  Teams can access, edit, share and analyse documents and notes quickly and effectively.  Everyone on the team will always have the most up to date information available to them, so collaboration is smooth and efficient, increasing productivity.

Document Management

With collaboration comes shared documents.  Sending documents back and forth via email attachments leaves much room for error, which can end up in different versions of documents or conflicting file content and formats.  Documents being stored in the cloud eliminates this risk.  It is clear which document is the latest version and when it was last updated.


You no longer need to worry about computers giving up or disaster striking your file storage area.  Your data is all securely saved on our private cloud.

The ideal specifications to look for to ensure that all of your data is secure and confidential are the ISO9001 and ISO27001 industry standards that ensure that all of your data is encrypted in transit and for storage.

Lower Costs

Cloud-based solutions have subscription costs which are far less than the hardware, office space and administrative support small law firms would need to invest in upfront.

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