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New version of Desktop tool available for Firm Central

To all or current Firm Central Users, please note that there is a new version of the Firm Central tool available.

Firm Central Version 2.3.0238 (5/8/2016)

This new release includes 2 general changes.

1. Bug fixes –  should also help with random connectivity issues

  • Better job installing (and upgrading)
  • Better job managing retrieval/updating Firm Central documents
  • General performance tweaks

2. One Pass support

  • As you may know, the Desktop tool requires a connection to Firm Central (requires a sign-on)
  • However, customers using the Desktop tool will need to upgrade to the latest build for the connection to continue to work after the One Pass upgrade.
  • Users will have a month to upgrade. If it’s not upgraded by October, then the old desktop tool will not connect

Please ensure that you replace your existing tool to the new version as soon as possible to avoid any interruption.

By Solutions Team

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