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Read through a list of frequently asked questions from our customers and prospects.

Product questions

What is Legal Tracker?

Legal Tracker is one of the world’s leading legal matter management, e-billing and legal analytics system designed for in-house lawyers. It gives leaders clear visibility and direct insight into the workload, cases and costs happening across their team, whatever its size

What are the minimum requirements for using Legal Tracker?
  • A unique email address.
  • A connection to the internet (for example, a corporate network or DSL connection).
  • A supported version of Adobe Reader may be required to view Tracker content published in PDF format.
Which browsers are supported?
  • Internet Explorer - See
  • Microsoft Edge - Current version
  • Google Chrome - Current version
  • Mozilla Firefox - Current version
  • Mac OSX - Current version of OX X for shipping Mac computers or the first prior version of OS X
  • Safari  - Current version and one prior version of Safari for Mac OSX
What are the supported system requirements for the Outlook Add-in?

In addition to the system requirements for the Legal Tracker web application: 

  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Outlook 2013 or higher (Windows desktop systems)
  • Outlook 2016 or higher (Mac OS X desktop systems)
  • Exchange Server 2013 or higher or Exchange Online

General questions

I'm a company user, who is my first point-of-contact for Legal Tracker support?

Should you need assistance with regards to questions about Legal Tracker or technical issues contact your internal support contact whose name is hyperlinked at the bottom of every Tracker page.  Click to email your query.  Any user problems unable to be resolved by your internal support contact will be escalated to Legal Tracker Support.  

User questions that involve a request for consultation or recommendations for best practices should be directed to your assigned Client Success Manager responsible for account management.

I'm a law firm user, who is my first point-of-contract for Legal Tracker support?

The name of your law firm’s Tracker administrator is hyperlinked at the bottom of every Tracker page. Click this link to email this person.

For questions relating to your client’s requirements for Legal Tracker and product “how-to” questions, contact your client’s support contact. The contact information is hyperlinked at the bottom of every Tracker page. Click to email your question.

For product defects and access issues that cannot be resolved by the resources above, please use the "Click here to contact Legal Tracker Support” link available on the bottom of each law firm user page within Tracker. If you are unable to log in or access the Tracker link, send an email to:

Who can access Legal Tracker support?

Legal Tracker support is available to all Tracker users with an active user ID and password. 

What are the hours Tracker Support is available?

Tracker provides support 24 hours a day from 6pm Sunday to 8pm Friday (US Central Time), excluding major public holidays.

Where do I access user guides?

Field-specific guidance and downloadable step-by-step reference guides, designed to resolve your Tracker product questions, are available 24/7 in the Help site within Tracker.  Every Tracker page shows a help link in the upper right-hand corner.

Where do I find the video tutorials?

Short, on-demand user tutorials that cover all major Tracker topics are located within Tracker's Help menu.  Every Tracker page shows a help link in the upper right-hand corner.

Who can sign-up for live training?

Complimentary web-based training sessions are available for both company and law firm users.  Visit the Help site, within Tracker, to register.  Every Tracker page shows a help link in the upper right-hand corner.

What is Tracker Q&A?

Tracker’s embedded Q&A tool is available to company and law firm users to quickly and efficiently search the Tracker database for immediate answers to “how to” questions.  The Q&A provides answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Every Tracker page shows a help link in the upper right-hand corner.  Click the link to access the Q&A.

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