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Updated links to case and legislation on Practical Law Australia


We have recently conducted a refresh of our links to primary law (case law and legislation). Cases and legislative provisions will now open within the Practical Law environment, rather than opening a new browser tab and displaying the content in Westlaw AU.

This makes it easier to navigate through your breadcrumb trail, save cases or legislative provisions to your Practical Law folders (and view in your history), and utilise the Practical Law delivery options that users are already familiar with.

Links to primary law

1. Breadcrumb trail.

2. Delivery options including print, email, download, save to folder and annotate.

3. Case or legislative provision will appear in history for future reference.

Rachael Lane
By Rachael Lane

Rachael is a Training Specialist for NSW law firms, in-house counsel and barristers. Rachael trains on Westlaw AU, new Westlaw, Practical Law and Thomson Reuters international platforms and is focused on empowering customers to get the most out of their legal research and technology solutions.

Rachael has held a range of product and commercial management roles at Thomson Reuters including with Laws of Australia, Journals, commentary services, ProView and Practical Law Australia.

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