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Softdocs updates: multiple suites

Multiple Softdocs suites have been updated in the last week, including WA UCPR, Vic Magistrates Court, NSW Probate and SA Courts. Upcoming Land Title fee changes need to be implemented in the Qld Conveyancing suite.


WA UCPR - updated 24 November
These forms were updated in accordance with Supreme Court Amendment Rules (No. 3) 2015:
  • General Form of Writ of Summons
  • Application for Judicial Review (Supreme Court)
 and these new forms added:
  • Notice of Change of Representation, Service Details or Address
  • Notice of Appeal from Registrar's Decision

Also "Request to Inspect or Obtain Copy of a Court Record" for the Magistrates Court has been updated.


Vic Magistrates Court - updated 24 November


  • General Form
  • Affidavit (General) -  change of form reference name

Amended forms:

  • Third Party Notice - insertion of interpreter wording and minor amendments to the text of the form
  • Answers to Interrogatories - repeat of opening paragraph deleted
Note that the Master and various other forms have also had minor coding corrections made.
  • General Form
  • Affidavit (General) - change of form reference name


NSW Probate - updated 27 November

A provision has been added to the Deceased Details to allow for either an actual date of death(most commonly used) or an approximate period of when death occurred. All relevant general precedents, Court forms, letters, faxes and other forms have been amended accordingly.


SA Courts - updated 30 November

The following forms have been updated / inserted in accordance with the Supreme Court Civil Rules 2006 (Amendment No. 30) (SA), which are effective 1 December 2015.


  • Offer of Settlement - also renamed to Formal Offer
  • Acceptance of Offer - also renamed to Acceptance of Formal Offer


  • Withdrawal of Formal Offer
  • Response to Formal Offer (Other than Acceptance)

Deleted in accordance with Supreme Court Fast Track Rules Adoption Rules 2014 (Amendment No. 2) (SA), effective 1 December 2015:

  • Election into Fast Track Stream
  • Formal Offer of Settlement (Judgment Offer) (Fast Track)
  • Formal Offer of Settlement (Contract Offer) (Fast Track)
  • Withdrawal of Form Offer of Settlement (Fast Track)
  • Acceptance of Offer of Settlement (Judgment Offer) (Fast Track)
  • Acceptance of Offer of Settlement (Contract Offer) (Fast Track)
Please note: there are additional steps to be carried out after the import.


Qld Conveyancing

Queensland Land Title lodgment fees have been revised with effect from 1 December 2015. Subscribers should contact Softdocs Support if they have any questions or difficulties with updating the fees in their precedents.


By Solutions Team

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