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Three reasons why your firm should embrace social media marketing today

One of the more common concerns we have found over the years when talking to many lawyers about social media is that many of you are concerned about reputation and brand management.

We realise that lawyers are generally used to exercising a certain amount of control in their professional lives, but it is the risk aversion of some when it comes to use of social media to market the attributes of your firm means that many are missing out on a vital opportunity to build your reputation. In addition to enhancing the reputation of your firm, having a social media presence can also provide the ability to build up your thought leadership and brand equity in an increasingly competitive business market. Not convinced about your firm having a social media presence? Allow us to provide you with a few reasons why your firm should be on social media today.

You should be the one telling your firm’s story

One of the issues for firms that do not have a social media presence is that control of your brand is left to other parties that may not have your firm’s best interests at heart. Therefore, it is essential that it is you who is controlling the messaging, and having a social media presence allows your firm to control the conversation rather than someone else.

Hello. Is it your firm that clients are looking for?

Think that social media isn’t a tool that people are using to do business? Well, you’d be incorrect with that assumption. Research conducted by Sensis found that in 2016, 62% of small businesses, and 54% to 59% of medium sized businesses believed that social media investment made a contribution to an increase of sales. The Sensis data also mirrors the findings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that found 61% of Australians used the internet to purchase goods or services.

Social media is where you will find potential clients

According to the ABS, 7.7 million households had access to the internet in 2014-15, which represented 86% of all households in Australia. Of that number, 95% used Facebook, 24% used LinkedIn and 19% were on Twitter according to Sensis. The point that we’re trying to illustrate is that the sheer volume of Australians on social media means the potential reach for potential clients is unparalleled. Additionally, the chances are your competition is not utilising social media, with 48% of small to medium sized businesses having any sort of social media presence.

So what are you waiting for? Start your social media marketing journey today.

By Solutions Team

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