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Updates to five Softdocs suites: NSW, VIC and QLD

Five Softdocs suites, NSW NCAT, Probate, Conveyancing, VIC Conveyancing, and QLD Conveyancing were updated since 6 October.


NCAT have updated the following Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division forms:

NCAT 04 FORM009 Notice of Representation by Legal Practitioner or Agent

Amended and now a PDF-based form NCAT 04

FORM013 Application for Duplicate Recording or Transcript

Updated and renamed to:

Request for Transcript

NSW Probate

The following precedents have been updated:

LETTERS TO THE COURT/REGISTRAR Amended to remove the DX address for the Supreme Court. These letters now automatically default to the option of using the postal address but still have the ability to use the street address etc

P 00 MASTER Updated to include the email address and fax number of the Beneficiaries

LETTERS TO THE BENEFICIARIES If the Beneficiary details are entered in the MASTER, there is now a SELECT button to choose from the existing Beneficiaries to populate the addressee details and email/fax (if entered in the MASTER)

P FORM118 Affidavit of Executor Small coding amendment

The following letters have been removed:

P P830 Letter to Sydney Morning Herald enclosing advertisement

P P835 Letter to Local Paper enclosing advertisement

P P840 Letter to Government Gazette enclosing advertisement

NSW Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

V220 Letter to Client confirming exchange

- additional options added for identification and requisitions

V440 Settlement Letter to Client - Sale

- amended version with additional options

P240 Letter to Client advising Contracts have been exchanged

- additional options added for "off the plan" and mortgagee

F023 2016 Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land (Pages 1 & 2)

- added option to include "WITHOUT THE INTERVENTION OF AN AGENT"

VOIFORM Identity Verification Form

- amended version providing more details with provision for applicant signature

F143_FT Residential Tenancy Agreement - Fair Trading

- amended version

MASTER, INFO additional variable added if Purchase for "Off the Plan"

P040, V100, V030 V072 minor coding corrections

SETTLEMENT SHEETS amended cheque details

The following form has been added: LPI 07LR Lease by a Reserve Trust

VIC Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made: T1PYO Transfer of Land

- correction to merge text to remove "transfer by direction"

SEC32 Vendor's Statement under Section 32

- added options to provide a back sheet or front sheet

CLIENTAUTH Client Authorisation Form (electronic conveyancing)

- amended to include title references if authority type is "specific"

PE Property Inquiry Application

- updated pricing

QLD Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

OSRFORMD2_1 Home/First Home Transfer Concession - Version 10

OSRFORMD2_2 Dutiable Transaction - Transfer Duty - Version 5

OSRFORMD2_5 Family Business Concession - Version 7

OSRFORMD2_7 First Home Vacant Land Concession - Version 6

VOIFORM Identity Verification Form - amended to include additional information

SEARCH FEES Updated search fees

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