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Updates to five Softdocs suites: VIC, SA and Federal

Five Softdocs suites, VIC County & Supreme Court, Magistrates' Court, and Probate, along with SA Probate and Family Law were updated since 20 April.

VIC County & Supreme Court

The following form has been updated in accordance with the Supreme Court (Appeal to the Court of Appeal and Other Amendments) Rules 2016 SR No. 14/2016:

CS C64A Application for Leave to Appeal/Notice of Appeal (COA)

VIC Magistrates' Court

The Moe registry has been removed from the following precedents:


MC 00 MASTER Master File

MC 01 LC Letter to Court

MC 02 FC Fax to Court

VIC Probate

The following precedents have been amended:

PV 05 APRPYO Application by Legal Personal Representative

  • Privacy statement updated and amended for multiple applicants

PV 05 ASPPYO Application by Surviving Proprietor

  • As with APRPYO above

PV 05 A1PYO Annexure

  • As with APRPYO above

PV 05 T1PYO Transfer of Land

  • Privacy statement updated

PVL P590 Letter to Bank or Building Society

  • St George Bank added

PVL P905 Letter to Bank to close account and forward monies

  • As with P590 above

The following State Revenue Office form has been added:

PV 05 DA Form 62 SRO Duties Act Form 62 - Purchaser Statement

SA Probate

The following forms have been amended:

SAP FORM56 Affidavit of additional (or inaccurately described) assets and liabilities

  • Date of Grant added to the end of paragraph 1.

SAP FORM57 Certificate of disclosure Registrar's certificate

  • item numbering and column borders removed

Family Law

The following forms have been added in accordance with the Family Law Amendment (Arbitration and Other Measures) Rules 2015:

F 09 ARBFORM06 Application for Arbitration

F 09 ARBFORM07 Application relating to relevant Property or Financial Arbitration

F 09 ARBFORM08 Application to register Arbitration Award

F 09 ARBFORM09 Application to register Decree affecting registered Arbitration Award

F 09 ARBFORMA Application in an Arbitration

F 09 ARBFORMB Response to an Application in an Arbitration

F 09 ARBFORMC Subpoena in an Arbitration

F 09 ARBFORMD Notice of Request to Inspect - Arbitration

The following amendments have been made:


F 06 FCA FORM11 KIT Application for Consent Orders Consent Orders Kit

  • amended version due to change in terminology from "draft" consent orders to "proposed" consent orders

F 11 FCA F138 Annexure to Proposed Parenting Order

  • amended as above

F 07 FCC FM080R Request to Issue Subpoena/s

  • correction to rule reference on last page

F 08 FCWA CALLOVERWA Callover Certificate - new version

F QLD LTF024 Property Transfer Information (Form 24)

  • amended as per Version 7



When some Document Management Systems insert their document reference into the footer of a form it is interfering with the footer required on the form, eg. signing lines for affidavits. Any footer details required on particular forms have now been incorporated into the header and positioned at the foot of the page.

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