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Updates to four Softdocs suites

Since 20 November, four Softdocs suites have been updated across various areas of practice and jurisdiction.

ACT ACAT Precedents

Updated: Application for Endorsement (Residential Tenancies)

NSW Business Law Precedents

New: Contract for the Sale of Business - 2015 Edition - pages 1 & 2 and Schedule A

AUS ASIC Precedents

Deleted: Form 484.

Background: From Monday, 23 November 2015, ASIC requires Form 484 to be submitted online.

NSW Workers Compensation


  • ILARS Grant Form - Further Lump Sum only
  • Centrelink Compensation and Damages


  • Notice of Opposition to Appeal Against Decision of Arbitrator
  • Centrelink Authority to Release Personal Information PI matter
  • Letter to WIRO
  • Letter to Client (Applicant) contracting out of WID scale

Deleted: WCA CAS - No Response Call Sheet

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