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Updates to four Softdocs suites: NSW, VIC, QLD and Federal

Four Softdocs suites, NSW Workers Compensation, VIC Probate, VIC Conveyancing, QLD Conveyancing, and Administrative Appeals Tribunal were updated since 9 September.

NSW Workers Compensation

The following amendment have been made:

WCA040 ILARS Grant Form

- amended version

WC090 Medicare - Notice of Judgment or Settlement [MO022]

- amended version

WC093 Medicare - Section 23A Statement and Statutory Declaration [MO023]

- removed redundant page 3 in background of form

The following form has been added:

WCA055 Request for Replacement Hearing Aid (SIRA)

VIC Probate

The following forms have been updated:

PV 05 ACQ Notice of Acquisition/Survivorship of an Interest in Land (SRO)

- Amended to include options of Notices of Acquisitions relating to transfer of property from deceased to executor/s or transfer of property from executor/s to beneficiary/ies in addition to the existing interest in property/survivor.

Also renamed to:

Notice of Acquisition

PV VICROADS Application for Transfer of Registration

Renamed to:

vicroads Deceased Estate Pack (Registration Transfer/Cancellation etc)

- Includes Application for Transfer of Registration, Application for transfer of Vessel Registration, Cancellation and Refund Request and Transfer of Registration Number Rights Agreement as required.

The following letters have been updated:

PLV 590 Letter to Bank or Building Society

- Amended to include IBN details of bank/building society when applicable

PVL 845 Letter to Agent lodging Probate Application

- amended to include either automatic inclusion of the standard fee of $313.70 or input of another fee.

VIC Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

T1PYO Transfer of Land

T2PYO Transfer of Land with Easement and/or Covenant (Form T2)

- as per Land Victoria Customer Information Bulletin 159, Land Victoria no longer accepts transfers of land by direction. This is to align processes nationally. On the T1PYO the Directing Party heading appears but will be left blank.

CLV Caveat (Land Victoria pdf version)

- now version 12

VOIFORM Identity Verification Form

- amended version providing more details and provision for applicant signature

SEC32 Vendor's Statement under Section 32

- amended options for the GAIC

- moved back sheet to appear after Due Diligence pages

ADJSETTLE Adjustments & Settlement Statement

- added option to Water Charges for Fire Service Levy (required for South East Water)

QLD Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

LEXON DOCUMENTS Amended to include provision for AFAD and to amend termination from 21 days to 21 business days

SEARCH FEES Updated fees for 2016/2017

REIQ_COMM_CTS Contract for Commercial Lots in a CTS (EF004) - (page 3) Insurance details field widened to allow for more information after request from clients

P400 Ltr to Client enclosing Tax Invoice, Statement etc - amended to allow option to enclose additional documents

V140 Ltr to Other Party returning Transfer Documents (and settlement figures) - minor text amendment

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The following new forms replace the existing forms in the AAT area of law. The majority of these forms are now PDF-based forms:

General, FOI, NDIS, Security, Taxation & Commercial and Veterans' Appeals Divisions Forms

AAT 04 FORMS01 General Form

AAT 04 FORMS02 Affidavit

AAT 04 FORMS03 Applicant's Statement of Issues, Facts and Contentions

AAT 04 FORMS04 Index to Section 37 T-Documents

AAT FORM01A Application for Review of Decision -Individual

AAT FORM01B Application for Review of Decision - Organisation

AAT FORM02 Application for Extension of Time for Making an Application for Review

AAT FORM03 Notice of Opposing Application for Extension of Time

AAT FORM04 Application for Second Review of Decision - Social Service and Child Support

AAT FORM05 Application to be Made a Party to Proceeding

AAT FORM06 Request for Order to Shorten time for Lodging Documents

AAT FORM07 Summons - Give Evidence

AAT FORM08 Summons - Give Evidence and to Produce Documents

AAT FORM09 Summons - Produce Documents

AAT FORM10 Request for Order Varying or Revoking Stay Order

AAT FORM11 Request for Stay Order

AAT FORM12 Hearing Certificate

AAT FORM13 Notice of Withdrawal

AAT FORM14 Request for a Fee Reduction

AAT FORM15 DTI - Transcript Order Form (Parties to Proceeding)

Social Service and Child Support Division Forms

AAT SSCS FORM01 Application for Review - Centrelink Decision (Soc Serv & Child Supp Div)

AAT SSCS FORM02 Application for Review - PPL Employer Decision (Soc Serv & Child Supp Div)

AAT SSCS FORM03 Statement of Financial Circumstances - C'link Reviews (Soc Serv & Child Supp Div)

AAT SSCS FORM05 Application for Review - Child Support Reviews (Soc Serv & Child Supp Div)

AAT SSCS FORM06 Statement Financial Circumstances - Child Supp Review (Soc Serv & Child Supp Div)

AAT SSCS FORM04 Authority for Representative (Soc Serv & Child Supp Div)


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