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Updates to four Softdocs suites: VIC, QLD and SA

Four Softdocs suites, VIC Conveyancing and VCAT, along with QLD and SA Conveyancing were updated since 1 July.

VIC Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

PE_GMW Goulburn-Murray Water Property Info Statement Request

- updated version

PE_VR010 Vic Roads Info Statement Request

- updated version


The following form has been deleted:

PE_GMW Coliban Water Special Meter Reading Request (now an online form)


VCAT have updated the following forms:

VCAT BBL02 Application for an Inquiry (Review & Regulation List)

VCAT BBL03 Application for an Order (Review & Regulation List)

VCAT BBL05 Application for Review of a Decision

VCAT CCL01 Application to Civil Claims List

VCAT DBL01 Application Form (Domestic Building)

VCAT HR01 Application for Order (Human Rights List)

VCAT OC01 Application to Owners Corporation List

The following forms have been renamed:

VCAT 04 FORM01 Application for Review (Various)


Application to Reopen an Order

VCAT 04 FORM04 Fee Waiver Guidelines and Application (Various)


Application for Fee Relief

The following new forms have been added:

VCAT GALFORM7 Contact Information Update (Guardianship)

VCAT LPL010 Application for Order (Legal Practice List)

VCAT RES15 Application for Leave to Apply & Application by an Interested Party (Residential Tenancies)

VCAT RES16 Application by a Protected Person (Residential Tenancies)

VCAT RES17 Application by Excluded Tenant (Residential Tenancies)

The following form has been deleted:

VCAT 04 FORM02 Application for Order (Various)

QLD Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

LEXON DOCUMENTS Minor amendments

SA Conveyancing

Most of the changes to the LTO forms relating to the Real Property (Electronic Conveyancing) Amendment Act 2016 have been completed.

Some forms eg. Division forms are still in the old format and have been renamed to "SA Old LTO". These will be updated by the end of the week.

The following forms have been added:

SA LTO Annexure Certifications (BT1/BT2)

SA LTO Client Authorisation Form (electronic conveyancing) (CLA)

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