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Updates to three Softdocs suites: ACT, VIC, and Federal

Three Softdocs suites, ACT Conveyancing, VIC County & Supreme Court, and Wills & Powers of Attorney were updated since 25 August.

ACT Conveyancing

The following amendment has been made: FORM072 Land Titles Act

- Sublease - correction to variables used to insert executions blocks

VIC County & Supreme Court

The following forms have been amended as per the Supreme Court (Powers of Judicial Registrars and Other Amendments) Rules 2016:

C60A Judgment

C60C General Form of Order

C60D Judgment at trial without a jury

C60J Interlocutory Judgment or Interlocutory and Final Judgment

C60K Final Judgment for damages or value in default

C60L Interlocutory or Interlocutory and Final Judgment for detention or goods in default

The following form has also been amended:

C26-1 Offer of Compromise

- additional options added for details of offer

Wills & Powers of Attorney

The following form has been amended as per approved form AF2016-88 and is effective from 2 September 2016:

ACT POAFORM2A ACT Enduring Power of Attorney

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