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Updates to three Softdocs suites: NSW and VIC

Three Softdocs suites suites, NSW UCPR, NSW NCAT, and VIC County & Supreme Court were updated since 29 September.


The following amendments have been made:

REGISTRIES Supreme Court of NSW no longer has a DX box

FORM009 Statement of Cross-Claim

FORM010  Cross-Summons

- amended to include the FORM002 - List of Parties and the end of each form

VARIOUS Interest Calculations for interest on outstanding bills

- there is a period of 30 days from the date of the bill until interest starts, previously 30 days was being deducted from each item listed. An option has been added to indicate the item is the Initial Bill for the reduction of 30 days, other items (when payments are made etc) will not be reduced.

FORM038 Notice of Motion - Default Judgment for Liquidated Claim

- amended affidavit deponent to not include the option for solicitor when in the Local Court General Division

FORMS050 Local Court Transcript Order Form - amended fees


NCAT have updated the following Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division forms:

NCAT 04 FORM009 Notice of Representation by Legal Practitioner or Agent

Amended and now a PDF-based form

NCAT 04 FORM013 Application for Duplicate Recording or Transcript

Updated and renamed to:

Request for Transcript

The following new Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division form has been added:

NCAT 04 FORM015 Request for Sound Recording

The following forms have been removed: NCAT CC FORM019 Sound Recording Transcript Request (Consumer & Commercial Division)

Replaced by either NCAT 04 FORM013 or NCAT O4 FORM015 above.

NCAT GD FORM012 Request for Audio Recording (Guardianship Division)

Replaced by NCAT 04 FORM015 above

VIC County & Supreme Court

The following forms have been added:

C7AA Subpoena to Give Evidence (New Zealand)

C7AB Subpoena to Produce Documents (New Zealand)

C7AC Subpoena to Give Evidence and Produce Documents (New Zealand)

C7AD Certificate of Non-Compliance with Subpoena (New Zealand)

C7AA Notice to Defendant Served Out of Australia

The following form has also been amended: C5D Originating Motion (No Defendant)

- correction to coding (being prompted for a defendant)

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