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Updates to two Softdocs suites

Two Softdocs suites, NSW Probate, and SA Courts were updated since 3 March.

NSW Probate

The following amendments have been made:


When some Document Management Systems insert their document reference into the footer of a form it is interfering with the footer required on the form, eg. signing lines for affidavits. Any footer details required on particular forms have now been incorporated into the header and positioned at the foot of the page.

FORM117 Inventory of Property

  • sworn/affirmed variable added

FORM118, 119 FORM120, 122 Affidavit of Executors/Applicants

  • option added for the certificate of registration of death to be a certified copy

P590, P905 Letters to Bank

  • St George address details added

SA Courts

The following forms have been renamed and updated as per the Magistrates Court of South Australia Amendment No. 11:

SA MC FORM 1 Summons to Witness Renamed to Subpoena to Witness

SA MC FORM21 Application Renamed to Interlocutory Application

By Solutions Team

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