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Updates to two Softdocs suites: QLD Conveyancing and QLD Probate

Two Softdocs suites, QLD Conveyancing and QLD Probate were updated since 24 March.

QLD Conveyancing

The following amendments have been made:

P028 Letter to Client immediately on opening new matter (Lexon)

  • change of title previously known as "Letter to Client Off-Risk (Lexon)"
  • amended version of this letter

V030, V047 P030, P047 P050, P055 Lexon First Letters

  • amended to include multiple special condition dates & description

MASTER INFO Mater File and Matter Information Sheet

  • provision to enter the actual settlement date or settlement date text

LTO FORM 24 Property Information (Transfer)

  • now version 7

LTO FORM 24A Property Information (Transmission Application)

  • now version 3

LTO FORM 4 Request to Record Death

  • correction where "personal representation" should be "personal representative"

QLD Probate

The following amendments have been made:

FORM105 Affidavit supporting Probate application - updated to version 5

FORM109 Affidavit supporting application for Letters of Administration on Intestacy - updated to version 4

LTO FORM24 Property Information (Transfer) - updated to version 7

LTO FORM24A Property Information (Transmission Application) - updated to version 3

VARIOUS FORMS When some Document Management Systems insert their document reference into the footer of a form it is interfering with the footer required on the form, eg. signing lines for affidavits. Any footer details required on particular forms have now been incorporated into the header and positioned at the foot of the page.

P590, P905 Letter to Bank - St. George added to selection options

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