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Canadian Abridgment Access Via WestlawNext Canada

The Canadian Abridgment Service previously available on Westlaw International (Classic) is not available on Thomson Reuters Westlaw. For access to this service existing subscribers to Canadian content on Thomson Reuters Westlaw including the Canadian Abridgment Service can log on to Westlaw Next Canada at .

Before attempting to log on users will need to update their OnePass profile for access to Westlaw Next Canada. Follow the below steps for a one time registration:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your onepass and go to Manage Products
  3. Click edit next to the Westlaw product
  4. Copy the regkey
  5. Click see all available products
  6. Click edit next to WestlawNext Canada
  7. Click Add a new registration key
  8. Paste in the Westlaw regkey
  9. Give it a friendly name and click Save

Once the above has been completed users can go directly to to log in.

For IP Access contact for a Sponsor ID and IP URL.

Note: Some Canadian services including Dominion Law Reports and Canadian Criminal Cases have never been available on Westlaw International and remain unavailable on Thomson Reuters Westlaw. For access to these services and others not available on Thomson Reuters Westlaw contact Thomson Reuters Canada direct.

Tom Heaton
By Tom Heaton
Manager, Westlaw Product Management

Tom Heaton is a Manager at Thomson Reuters. He has over 20 years experience in information technology and legal publishing. His focus is on Website usability and everything online.

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