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Thomson Reuters Westlaw (Formerly Next) Known Issues

We are currently working to resolve the following Known Issues on Thomson Reuters Westlaw. We apologise for the inconvenience and will resolve these as soon as possible.

We will updated this page as status of each item changes.

Status as at 7/2/2017:

Open Issues:

  • Access to Alert content via the Date operators "DA(LAST...DAYS/Weeks/Months)" not including today's articles if run prior to 5PM AEST.
    • Workaround - Use "DA(AFT..<Date>) operator.
  • Date Format for Advanced Search forms is US MM/DD/YYYY not local DD/MM/YYYY
    • Workaround - Enter dates in US format MM/DD/YYYY
  • Alerts set to include "Documents No Older Than ....." not  including today's articles if scheduled to run prior to 5PM AEST.
    • Workaround - Leave  "Documents No Older Than" set to "Any Time".

Resolved Issues:

  • IP Anonymous Users are seeing Portal Manager with errors, only U&P users should be able to use this feature. RESOLVED 16/9/16
  • Search Alerts feature may not show hits against specific alerts. RESOLVED 23/7/16
  • No access to the browsable Canadian Abridgement database. RESOLVED 23/7/16 Note: Access is via, users existing TR Westlaw Regkey must be added to the WestlawNext Canada product in OnePass first. For IP Access please contact
  • Mobile Users may not be taken directly to the document when clicking on alert article links. RESOLVED 20/4/16.
  • Initial load of alert content can take upwards of 30 seconds to load, subsequent articles load within a few seconds.  Fixes applied 16/4/16, performance improved. Investigating further improvements.
  • Sponsor ID's disappearing on alerts. RESOLVED 16/4/15
  • IP Anonymous users have US Timezone by default. RESOLVED 16/4/15
  • Mobile Users or users outside an organisations IP range may receive an error when logging on with a OnePass after clicking on the "If you have a user name and password, sign in." link on the IP unauthorised access screen. RESOLVED 24/3/15
  • Alert error  notifications going to recipients and administrators when only administrators set to be notified. RESOLVED 22/3
  • Alerts not delivered Sunday 6/3 and Monday 7/3. RESOLVED 7/3/15
  • Unable to edit alerts.  RESOLVED 7/3/15
  • Some users may see an error message or time out when clicking on a link in an Alert or RSS feed and or Alert History. RESOLVED
  • Some alerts saved prior to 15/11/15 no longer accessible via the Alert Centre. RESOLVED
  • Some users receiving alerts stating "Your WestClip request could not be completed today.” Followed by a subsequent alert with the correct data. RESOLVED
  • RSS & HTML url's not working - RESOLVED
  • Newsletters arriving with no contents RESOLVED
  • Some alerts saved prior to 15/11/15 no longer accessible via the Alert Centre. RESOLVED
  • NewsRoom Source Landing Pages not displaying today's articles until after 5PM AEST. RESOLVED - Time Zone must be set to AU Time Zone.
  • Search for alerts producing error. RESOLVED
  • Broad NewsRoom searches returning 9000+ results may not display the latest results when re-sorting by date. RESOLVED
  • Alerts with Sponsor ID's (IP Authentication) are throwing an error after the user clicks on a link to a document/article or the page cycles endlessly authenticating but not serving up a document/article. RESOLVED
  • Australian and New Zealand Journals unable to be viewed. RESOLVED


Tom Heaton
By Tom Heaton
Manager, Westlaw Product Management

Tom Heaton is a Manager at Thomson Reuters. He has over 20 years experience in information technology and legal publishing. His focus is on Website usability and everything online.

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