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Westlaw International - Database Removals

Due to a change in publishing arrangements the following databases will be removed from Westlaw International on the 31st of July affecting subscribes to the following products.

  • Westlaw International General Subscription
  • Westlaw International World Journals & Law Reviews
  • Academic & Government Subscriptions


  • American Law and Economics Review (AMLECONR)
  • British Journal of Criminology (BRITJC)
  • Chinese Journal of International Law (CHINESEJIL)
  • Human Rights Law Review (HUMRLR)
  • International Journal of Constitutional Law (INTLJCL)
  • International Journal of Law and Information Technology (INTJLIT)
  • International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family (INTJLPF)
  • International Journal of Refugee Law (INTJRFL)
  • Journal of Competition Law and Economics (JCOMLE)
  • Journal of Conflict and Security Law (JCSECL)
  • Journal of Environmental Law (JENVTLL)
  • Journal of International Criminal Justice (JINTCRJ)
  • Journal of International Economic Law (JINTECL)
  • Journal of Law, Economics and Organization (JLECONORG)
  • Journal of Refugee Studies (JRSTUD)
  • Law, Probability and Risk (LPRISK)
  • Medical Law Review (MEDLREV)
  • Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (OXJLST)
  • Statute Law Review (STATLR)
Tom Heaton
By Tom Heaton
ANZ Online Lead

Tom Heaton is the ANZ Online Lead for Thomson Reuters. He has over 15 years experience in the Information Technology and Web world. His focus is on Web Usability and everything online.

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