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Westlaw AU Tip - Searching Case Law by Court

Westlaw AU provides the ability to search  for a case by court. This is a quick and easy method for restricting your search to a specific court or jurisdiction.

To Search by Court

Step 1: From the Westlaw AU homepage click the Cases template.


Step 2: Enter search terms into the relevant fields such as free text.

Step 3: Then begin typing the name of the court into the Court field. Select the required court from the predictive text drop-down menu e.g. Supreme Court of New South Wales.


Step 4: Click Search to run the search. The search results will display cases from the selected court with your search terms highlighted.



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Janina Leuii
By Janina Leuii

Janina Leuii is the Head of Legal Training ANZ. She has over 15 years of Training & Product Management experience with Thomson Reuters Online Services. Janina heads up our highly motivated and experienced Training Specialist Team in Australia and New Zealand.

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