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Westlaw AU Tip Update - How to Search for a Phrase

When searching for a Phrase in Westlaw AU use quotation marks to define the phrase.   Examples of exact phrases include "break enter and steal", "in consequence of" , "mining lease", "liability for duty" and "to take effect of".

Step 1: Log onto Westlaw AU

Step 2: Enter your phrase into the search box and include quotation marks at the beginning and end of the phrase.  You can also use a wildcard within a phrase search.  For example to locate evidentiary burden or evidence burden enter "eviden! burden".  Click Search.

phrase update 




Step 4:  To find out more about Terms and Connectors locate the Need Help? Hints and tips on advanced searching techniques  link, on the homepage.  Click on this link. 

phrase update 2






Step 5: A Terms and Connectors table will open in a window.  Scroll down this table to find more options.

Terms and connectors update












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By Marion Randall

Marion is a Specialist Trainer for Tax and Accounting and joined Thomson Reuters in 2012. She has over 15 years experience as a trainer and legal researcher. Marion provides national training for Checkpoint.

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