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Westlaw AU Tip - What are Related Documents?

Related Documents are references drawn from Thomson Reuters online content that are directly relevant to the current document you are viewing.

Step 1: Log onto Westlaw AU.

Step 2: Conduct a search or browse in any content type i.e. Cases.

Content type





Step 3: From your results list open a single document.  The Related Documents tab is located at the top of the document page.  Click on this tab.

Document level cases






Step 4: The Related Documents are ordered by Content Type.  The list is comprehensive and provides reference to content that is outside and inside your subscriptions.  References that are within your subsciptions are hyperlinked.

related documents page














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By Marion Randall

Marion is a Specialist Trainer for Tax and Accounting and joined Thomson Reuters in 2012. She has over 15 years experience as a trainer and legal researcher. Marion provides national training for Checkpoint.

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