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Westlaw AU Tip - What is Link Builder?

Link Builder facilitates deep linking to products and specific product chapters or sections.   This tip explains how you can use Link Builder to create deep links.

Step 1: Log onto Westlaw AU.

Step 2: Select a content type i.e Legisation & Commentary

leg com




 Step 3: On the left hand side of the screen the Link Builder icon appears.

link builder new 1





Step 4: Click on the icon to activate the Link Builder tocectory link. 
Right Mouse click on the link and Select All.

tocectory link 2







Step 5: Paste the tocectory link into an email or intranet page to create a URL deep link.

Note: The Link Builder icon appears at Product level, Table of Content level, Chapter level, Section level and Document level. 
Note: Currently Link Builder is not yet available for cases click here for a list of deep links.


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By Marion Randall

Marion is a Specialist Trainer for Tax and Accounting and joined Thomson Reuters in 2012. She has over 15 years experience as a trainer and legal researcher. Marion provides national training for Checkpoint.

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