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A brave new world - McDonald, Henry & Meek: Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice on ProView

McDonald, Henry & Meek: Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice has been a must have looseleaf service for all Bankruptcy practitioners since its first edition was published in 1928. When it was released on Westlaw and Checkpoint its use as a comprehensive research tool only added to its reputation as the go-to resource for the industry.

Now, in line with market trends towards convenience and accessibility, Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice is available on our award-winning ebook platform, ProView!

Some of the great features of having this service on ProView are:


ProView is accessible in a number of formats, the most portable being applications on iPad and Android tablets. It can also be accessed via a downloaded desktop application on your laptop or computer, or simply through a browser.

Ability to annotate

ProView allows you to highlight content and make colour coded annotations that both remain attached to the content (even when updated) and are searchable in a separate annotations folder specific to your log in. It will also sync these annotations across all your devices.

Quick search/Navigation

For those rushed moments in court ProView has both a free text search bar and a separate legislation finder that takes you straight to the provision you are looking for. As well as being able to search for quick results, a lot of care has been taken to ensure the navigation pane in this service is simple and has relevant headings and heading levels to help you browse to the information you are looking for. (This service also has an up to date and comprehensive index with live links to paragraphs and provisions elsewhere in the service.)


Much like our Westlaw and Checkpoint platforms ProView allows users to click through links in commentary (or other types of content, such as the within legislation linking provided in this service) and be taken directly to the case, provision, paragraph or external website, that you are reading about.

Create and share as PDF

ProView also allows you to download or print a copy of what you are working on and share it as a PDF.


The value of having Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice on such a versatile platform speaks for itself. The fact that this service is often cited in the judgments of relevant courts also highlights its compatibility as both an in-court resource and essential research tool. Some of the recent judgments accepting the views of our expert authors* and citing this service include:

  • Lean v Inspector-General in Bankruptcy [2015] FCCA 2045, at [8];
  • Zhang v Ehrenfeld [2015] FCCA 877, at [37];
  • Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd v Slater [2015 FCCA 2871, at [93];
  • Official Trustee in Bankruptcy v Galanis [2014] FamCA 832, at [26]; and
  • Madden v Official Trustee in Bankruptcy [2014] FCA 446, at [61].


*Paul McQuade and Michael Gronow are the authors of Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice.

Paul McQuade QC is a member of Level 27 Chambers in Brisbane and predominately practices in the area of commercial litigation. The areas in which Paul practices include banking and finance,  competition and consumer law, corporate law, contract law, corporate and personal insolvency, equity, mining and energy, partnerships, property, securities and trusts. He is also a member of the Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Australia and New Zealand. He is a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Michael Gronow is a barrister based in Melbourne who practices commercial law and related areas including insolvency. He teaches insolvency law part time in the JD program at the Melbourne Law School. He is also the author of McPherson’s Law of Company Liquidation and a co-author of Insolvency Law – Commentary and Materials.

By Esther Rath
Team Leader Customer Care

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