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FirstPoint: changes to Citizenship and migration title

Content updates

Expanded classifications for the character test, independent review or assessment of decisions and hearings with respect to protection visa (Pt 7-reviewable) decisions

A recent extensive review of FirstPoint’s classification scheme for Citizenship and migration by one of our experienced inhouse legal writers has resulted in alterations to existing classification headings and the creation of a number of new classifications.

The Citizenship and migration title now has in excess of 200 particular, subject based classifications. This level of detail assists the researcher by enabling relevant cases to be identified more quickly.

For example, the existing classification for character test under cancellation of visas has been expanded to specifically cater for case notes on:

New classifications have also been created for case notes on:

When creating these new headings, case notes on similar topics have been gathered together. Clicking on any of these new headings when browsing, or utilising the "more like this" functionality of FirstPoint when within a case record, will quickly take the researcher to judgments of similar subject content.

A full list of the recent changes made to the Citizenship and migration title follows:

Expanded existing classifications:


REVIEW OF DECISIONS/Independent review or assessment

Protection visa (Pt 7-reviewable) decisions/Conduct of review/Hearings

New classifications:

  • Citizenship and migration/Migration/Detention and removal of unlawful non-citizens/Removal/Injunction to restrain removal
  • Citizenship and migration/Migration/Detention and removal of unlawful non-citizens/Removal/Other matters
  • Citizenship and migration/Migration/Offences/Sentencing

Amended classifications:

By dianechampion

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