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FirstPoint update: Fire, Explosives and Firearms

Content updates

We continually review our titles and classification schemes in FirstPoint on Westlaw AU to ensure currency, coverage and relevance. The latest review has resulted in a new classification scheme for the Fire, Explosives and Firearms title.

Cases in this title cover:


  • Prevention and local authorities’ powers
  • Liability for damage
  • Fire and emergency services’ powers, duties and liabilities
  • Fire and emergency services’ finances, employees and volunteer workers


  • Licences and permits
  • Offences and other matters


  • Licences and registration
  • Safe keeping
  • Offences
  • Prohibition orders
  • Procedure and evidence, sentence and penalty

Flammable Liquids

The new Fire, Explosives and Firearms scheme takes account of legislative changes, particularly for firearms, and provides subscribers with an expanded and re-designed classification scheme catering for and covering the current state of the law in this area. An additional 36 headings have been created.

Areas of expansion for firearms include:

  • Firearms and regulation of legitimate firearms use by way of licensing and registration
  • Safe keeping of firearms
  • Firearms prohibition orders

Case notes dealing with criminal aspects of firearms possession, and serious firearms offences dealt with under criminal legislation, are found under the FirstPoint Criminal Law title.

Other new classifications in Fire, Explosives and Firearms relate to fire and emergency services, reflecting broadening of legislation scope to cover fire brigades, including bush and rural, and coordination of other emergency services such as ambulance and volunteer rescue. See also the Health Law title in FirstPoint for ambulance services generally.

Researchers now have access to a more detailed classification scheme providing identification of relevant judgments and groups of cases more quickly. An additional eight headings deal with fire and emergency services, and an additional 17 headings deal with firearms.

Major headings for liability for damage done by fire include:

  • General principles
  • Liability of land occupier
  • Fire not originated by defendant
  • Liability of owner or occupier for acts of third party
  • Effect of legislation
  • Measure and remoteness of damage
  • Procedure and evidence

Major headings for fire and emergency services include:

  • Powers, duties and liabilities of authorities
  • Employees and volunteer workers
  • Finance and other matters

Major headings for firearms include:

  • Definitions
  • Licensing and registration
  • Safe keeping of firearms
  • Offences
  • Firearms prohibition orders
  • Procedure and evidence

Other titles to consider in FirstPoint and the Australian Digest when searching for case law on matters related to fire, explosives and firearms include:

  • Criminal law
  • Environment and planning
  • Health law
  • Industrial law
  • Traffic law
  • Workers’ compensation

Avril Easton
Legal Editor – Digest Cases Team

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