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FirstPoint update: new classifications for debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements

FirstPoint cases content is regularly reviewed by our experienced team of in-house legal editors.
Recently, the Bankruptcy title, which follows the distinction drawn in Australian law between personal bankruptcy and corporate liquidation and deals purely with cases on personal insolvency and bankruptcy matters, was reviewed.
As a result of the review, the classification scheme covering debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements has been updated, to better reflect the nature of the cases content and current terminology in this area of bankruptcy and insolvency law.
The overall changes benefit the bankruptcy practitioner by providing a more detailed and specific classification scheme and by enabling relevant cases to be more easily and quickly identified. When using the "more like this" functionality of the FirstPoint classification scheme, or when searching or browsing, the expanded classifications in this area will be of significant and ongoing benefit.

The new FirstPoint classification headings are:
• debt agreements
• authorisation of controlling trustee
• control over debtor' s property
• termination of personal insolvency agreements
• National Personal Insolvency Index.
A number of other minor amendments to existing headings within the Bankruptcy title have also been made.
To complement these changes, a new classification has been added to the Conveyancing title: Voluntary alienation or conveyance to defraud creditors. This new classification will collate cases concerned with attempts to defraud creditors which are not necessarily concerned with bankruptcy.

Diane Champion
Senior editor
Cases team

By dianechampion

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