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FirstPoint Update: New Highways Classification Scheme

Content updates

One of the latest updates to the FirstPoint classification scheme on Westlaw AU is a new classification scheme for the Highways title. This title covers cases on all forms of highway, such as roads, streets, lanes, public ways and footpaths. It also extends to artificial structures such as bridges, tunnels, ramps, culverts and drains.

The new Highways scheme takes account of legislative changes and provides subscribers with an expanded and re-designed classification scheme catering for and covering the current state of the law in this area. An additional 31 headings have been created for this new scheme.

A major area of expansion and change is in the area of negligence and nuisance, particularly as it relates to injuries to highway users and liability of a highway authority. The new classification scheme reflects the history in this area up to and including the current state of the law, and provides classification of case digests to:

  • Nonfeasance and misfeasance and the abrogation of distinction
  • Negligence on general principles
  • Statutory modification by civil liability and wrongs legislation

Researchers now have access to a more detailed classification scheme providing identification of relevant judgments and groups of cases more quickly. An additional 20 headings deal with negligence and nuisance general principles and particular circumstances as they relate to injuries to highway users.

Major headings for the Highways title include:

  • Creation and extinction
  • Classification
  • Alignment and realignment
  • Construction, maintenance and repair
  • Negligence and nuisance
  • Offences in connection with highways

Other titles to consider in FirstPoint and the Australian Digest when searching for case law on matters related to highways include:

  • Environment and planning
  • Real property
  • Torts
  • Traffic law

Avril Easton
Legal Editor – Digest Cases Team

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