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Lawyers Practice Manual Victoria – Practical guide to fines reform

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The Lawyers Practice Manual Victoria is an authoritative, practical resource for lawyers in private practice or community legal centres, barristers and in-house counsel advising clients across a wide range of practice areas.
A procedural "how-to" guide which deals with everyday questions of legal practice and procedure covering 17 practice areas, the Manual is written by more than 70 leading legal experts. 
This compendium of law, including tools such as sample forms, precedents, practical hints, letters and checklists, helps guide lawyers through unfamiliar casework.
The content is regularly updated with recent cases, legislative changes and commentary. For authoritative and comprehensive information and analysis, Thomson Reuters’ subscription service, Lawyers Practice Manual Victoria, an integral part of the Victorian legal fraternity for  over 30 years, is available online, in looseleaf or on ProView eSub. For further enquires, please contact the Sales Team on 1800 110 009 or

New Chapter on Infringements and Fines in Victoria

A new chapter on Infringements and Fines in Victoria will be published in August by the Lawyers Practice Manual Victoria, in partnership with Springvale Monash Legal Service.

Written by Tanja Golding, Senior Lawyer at Victoria Legal Aid, the chapter is a timely summary of the significant recent amendments to the Fines Reform Act 2014 (Vic) (FRA).

The new chapter also meets the need for guidance in an area of law that often affects many people in the community.

Social justice scheme for family violence victims

The first reforms, commonly referred to as the "social justice reforms" commenced on 1 July 2017. These included the introduction of the work and development scheme, and changes to the internal review process.

The balance of the FRA reforms commenced on 31 December 2017, including the creation of the role of Director, Fines Victoria and the new family violence scheme, to assist victims of family violence who encounter the infringement system.

Step-by-step through processes and procedures

This new chapter is not just an overview of the legislation, but provides a practical guide to the processes and procedures that apply to the infringement and fines system – such as paying a fine, contesting a fine, setting up a payment plan or appearing in court.

Sample letters to a range of professionals regarding special circumstances applications are among the many features of the new chapter.

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