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New journal updates, including "Is COVID the end of all contracts?"

Content updates

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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 95 Pt 11

The latest Part of the Australian Law Journal contains the following articles: 

  • Navigating a New Terrain: Developing Autonomous Vehicle Liability Pathways in Australia in Light of International Experience – Lilla Thiele-Evans, Blake Pepper, John Zeleznikow, Neil Foster and Tania Sourdin
  • The Impact of a New and Widespread Contagious Disease on Pre-existing Contractual Obligations – Tom Allchurch
  • Is the Coronavirus the End of All Contracts? – Natalie Ngo

This Part also includes the following sections: 

  • Current Issues: "Some Recent Developments"; "Can Australia Still Call Itself a Liberal Democracy?"; "Can Employers Mandate Vaccinations?"; "The COVID-era and Australian Federation: State Power Rises, Old Faultlines Revealed"; "National Security Legislation and Parliamentary Oversight"; and "The Curated Page"
  • Around the Nation: Western Australia: "Resolution of a Cold Case?" 
  • Environmental Law: "Quartet of Recent Landmark Climate Change Cases"
  • Statutory Interpretation: "'Always Speaking' Statutes"
  • Book Reviews: "The Chronicle of a Young Lawyer: A Legal Journey in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea", by Kerry Dillon; and "Frontiers of Public Law", edited by Jason NE Varuhas and Shona Wilson Stark 
  • Obituary: Judge James Crawford (1948–2021)


Public Law Review update: Vol 32 Pt 3

The latest Part of the Public Law Review contains the following articles: 

  • Structured Proportionality, Unreasonableness and Managing the Line between Executive and Judicial Functions – Andrew Edgar 
  • The Relationship between Federalism and Rights during COVID-19 – Scott Stephenson 
  • The Interpretation and Application of Section 55 of the Constitution – Anne Twomey

This Part also includes the following sections: 

  • Comments: "The Value of Reported Arguments in the Study and Application of Case Law" – The Hon William Gummow AC and Harry Sanderson; "Drawing an Implied Limitation to the Race Power" – Harry Hobbs; and "D v New Zealand Police: A Comment on Rights-consistent Statutory Interpretation in New Zealand" – Edward Willis
  • Speech: "'The First Task Is to Find the Right Answer': Public Service and the Decline of Capability" – Glyn Davis AC
  • Book Review: "Burrows and Carter Statute Law in New Zealand", by Ross Carter – Reviewed by KH Newman
  • Developments
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