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21 August 2019 01:50PM
Content updates

The Laws of Australia Update 347

The following Subtitles are now updated and available on Westlaw AU: Evidence 16.3 "Proof in Criminal Cases"; Human Rights 21.12 "Gender, Sexuality and Discrimination"; Intellectual Property 23.1...
07 August 2019 11:34AM
Content updates

FirstPoint update: The new Education title in Westlaw AU

The FirstPoint on Westlaw AU title of Education has been reissued to improve the ease at which our customers can access the latest cases on numerous aspects of the Australian system of education.
09 July 2019 06:12PM
Content updates

The Australian Digest - ever-evolving and nimble

The Cases Team, who create content for Firstpoint on Westlaw, are very proud of the way our Australian Digest classification scheme is designed to be agile and responsive to changes in the legal...
04 April 2018 02:22PM
Content updates

Getting Paid: Part 3 - Quick on Costs

As a continuation of the ongoing enhancement of Quick on Costs the third and final part of the Remedies for Costs Chapter will be released with Update 95 in May 2018.

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