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29 March 2022 04:03PM
Content updates

Recent Journal Updates

Insolvency Law Journal update: Vol 29 Pt 4; Journal of Judicial Administration update: Vol 31 Pt 3; and Public Law Review update: Vol 32 Pt 4

22 March 2022 11:20AM
Content updates

Commonwealth Statutes Annotations: March 2022 update

New legislation information, case annotations and article references have been added to Commonwealth Statutes Annotations, including a note on Djokovic v Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs [2022] FCAFC 3, under sections 116 and 133C of...

21 February 2022 07:45AM
Content updates

Proposed reforms to the unfair contract terms regime

Practical Law Commercial has released two brand new resources: a legal update on the proposed reforms to the unfair contract terms regime introduced in Parliament on 9 February 2022 and a legislation tracker which monitors key developments in the proposed legislation.

11 February 2022 09:36AM
Content updates

Recent Journal Updates

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 96 Pt 1 and Local Government Law Journal update: Vol 23 Pt 4

04 February 2022 04:39PM
Content updates

Industrial Reports: New cases selected for reporting

Mining union’s bid to leave CFMMEU and final determinations in Casual Terms Award Review – these and other industrial cases are soon to be published in the law reports.

24 January 2022 03:08PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Business Law Review update: Vol 49 Pt 4; Australian Tax Review update: Vol 50 Pt 3; Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice update: Vol 32 Pt 3; Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice update: Vol 10 Pt 2

05 January 2022 01:52PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: Vol 32 Pt 2; Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law update: Vol 29 Pt 4; Building and Construction Law Journal update: Vol 37 Pt 2; Company and Securities Law Journal update: Vol 38 Pt 8; Environmental and Planning Law...

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